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The project grew out of a collaboration that began in 1988 at meetings of the Columbia University Shakespeare Seminar.

Editors,, in the order that they joined the project

Bernice W. Kliman, Nassau Community College, State University of New York; Frank Nicholas Clary, Saint Michael's College, Vermont; Hardin Aasand, Indiana-Purdue University, Indiana; Eric Rasmussen, University of Nevada, Reno; Laury Magnus, United States Merchant Marine Academy; Marvin W. Hunt, North Carolina State University

Web Master

Jeffery A. Triggs, Rutgers University

MIT partnership

Peter S. Donaldson and Diana E. Henderson, Department of Literature; Belinda T. Yung, Project Manager, MIT Shakespeare Project; Sarah Lyons. MIT will soon be the home of

Funding institutions

Nassau Community College Foundation grant for microfilming, 1991

The Folger Shakespeare Library Short-term Fellowship Program 1991-92, 2001-2

Newberry Library Fellowship Program 1993

The National Endowment for the Humanities Research Fellowships for College Teachers, 1993

National Endowment for the Humanities Grants:1994-96,1997-99, 2002-7

The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation grant, 2000

The Huntington Library, Francis Bacon Fellowship, 2004

The Aaron Warner Fund directed by Columbia University Seminars, publication subvention, 2009-2010

Nassau Community College Foundation, administration of grants: Joseph Buckheit, Catherine Giamundo, Jay Goldfarb, Daniel Keahon, Sharon Krudis; Mary Mirabito for Funded Programs

Nassau Community College: Administrators William A. Atkins, Associate Dean of Instruction / Grants; Sean Fanelli, President; John Ostling, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Ann Muth, Associate Dean of Instruction. Interlibrary Loan: Alicia Sanchez, Audrey Strano. Computer services: Tom Taylor, Ed Staubitz. Student aides Ching-Fung (Alex) Sin, Victor Reyes. Art Friedman for enormous help in continually identifying important books by scanning Choice and other journals.

Graduate students from the University of Nevada, Reno: Ron Belbin, Mark Dunagan, Mark Farnsworth, Jennifer Forsyth, Dave Golz, Elizabeth Gruber, Lara Hansen, Linda Holland-Toll, Donald Judd, Tony Illia, Robert Lerner, Dave Parsons, Dee Anna Phares-Matthews, Rita Rippatoe, McKenna Rose, Marsha Urban, and Owen Williams.

Students from Saint Michael's College: Brad Bannon, Kelsey Bode, Elizabeth Boles, Ella Burnham, Nichole Charbonneau, Shaleen Crowley, Allison Davis, Ryan Devlin, David Donegan, Suzanne Eaton, Lori Eldred, Kellie Fleury, Michele Fretta, Timothy Fitzmaurice, Christina Gianotti, Peter Hudson, Sarah Johnson, Kaelyn Modrak, Rebecca Newcomb, Casey Reever, Shannon Rowe, Andrew Russo, Peter Sampieri, and Rondel Ward

Columbia University graduate students Rebecca Calcagno, Adam Hook.

Students and staff from Dickinson State University: Stoxen Library librarians Lillian Crook and Eileen Kopren. Department of English Staff Jennifer Gruebele and Lidia Muckle. Student Eric Lindblad.

Folger Shakespeare Library: Julie Ainsworth, Harold Batie, Erin Blake, Carol Brobeck, William David, LuEllen DeHaven, Rachel Doggett, Woody Grant, Richard Kuhta, Rosaline Larry, Leigh Anne Palmer, Gail Kern Paster, David Ressa, Camille Seerattan, Laetitia Yeandle, Betsy Walsh, Heather Wolfe, Georgianna Ziegler. Security and Maintenance staff

The Furness Library, University of Pennsylvania: Daniel Traister

Library of Congress: Barbara Kraft, Thomas Mann, Bruce Martin

The National Library of Australia: Andrew Sergeant

The Newberry Library: Mary Beth Rose

New York Public Library Research Division: with special thanks to David A. Smith, "librarian to the stars"; Jay Barksdale, his sterling successor; Robert Armitage, Shakespeare expert

The New York Public Library Billy Rose Theatre Collection

The Theatre Collection in The Pusey Library, Harvard University.

Yale University, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library: Ngadi W. Kponou and others

British Library

British Library Manuscript Division

Shakespeare Centre Library, Stratford-upon-Avon: Mary White

Trinity College, Cambridge

Bodleian Library, Oxford University

Victoria and Albert Museum

Facsimiles: Tom Johnson and Gary Johnson, Princeton Imagining, for scanning texts on our website.; books donated for scanning by Eric Luhrs, Shirley Samberg, Raymond Willems and the editors. Rupin Desai, founding editor of the journal Hamlet Studies, permitted us to scan the entire twenty-five-year run, and Saint Michael's College loaned us their set for scanning. Scanned books are returned to owners; we welcome receipt of books that are beyond copyright protection.

Search Engine: Darrell Raymond, Alternative Output, Inc., for licensing the Hunter search engine for searching the XML entries of

Colleagues who have contributed: Thomas Berger, Paul Bertram, Toby Bird, Graham Bradshaw, Kent Cartwright, Sarbani Chaudhury, Hardy Cook, H. R. Coursen, Gregory Crane, Irene Dash, Edwin DeWindt, José Ramón Diáz Fernández, Joe Dowling, Balz Engler, Martha Evans, David George, Kathryn T. Feldman, Phyllis Franklin, James Harner, Barbara Horn, William Hutchings, Patricia Irwin, Michael Jensen, Judith Kennedy, Richard Kennedy, Harry Keyishian, Barry Kraft, Amy M. Kraus, Naomi Liebler, Laury Magnus. Hedda Marcus, Nicholas Moschovakis, Marga Munkelt, Jean Nordhaus, Robert Nordhaus, John Ongley (for Bertrand Russell material), Joseph Pequigney; Marion Perret, Thomas Pendleton, Joseph Pequigney, Meta Plotnik, Mark Rankin, Edward L. Rocklin, Kenneth S. Rothwell, Dawn Saliba, Hanna Scolnicov, Peter Seary (for important contributions from his work on Lewis Theobald), Jesús Tronch-Péres, Robert Kean Turner, Paul Werstine, George Walton Williams, Michèle Willems, Alan Young

Special thanks to Paul Bertram, who gathered almost every edition the editors have collated; the project was helped enormously by his work. Also, to Gabriel Hornstein of AMS Press who published The Three-Text Hamlet (first ed. 1991; second, rev. ed. 2003) and The Enfolded Hamlets, (2004); to Jack Hopper, also of AMS Press; to Thomas Pendleton and John Mahon for their constant support and for publishing The Enfolded Hamlet in The Shakespeare Newsletter, Extra Issue, 1996, and to Robert Macdonald and Troland Link for their support for that publication; to Ida Washington for her transcription/translation work from the German for Professors Clary and Kliman; to Alyce Kaprow the new studio: Interactive Media & Graphic Design for graphics advice.

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