ERIC RASMUSSEN                                                                

Department of English / 098                                                           

University of Nevada                                                            

Reno, Nevada 89557                                                                              



      The University of Chicago

          Ph.D. in English  1990

      The University of Chicago

          M.A. in English  1983

      Grinnell College

          B.A. Honors in English  1982

Academic appointments

         The University of Nevada, Department of English

      Professor        2003-Present

      The University of London, Institute for English Studies

      Research Fellow       2005-2006

      The University of Nevada, Department of English

          Director of Graduate Studies  2002-2005

      The University of Nevada, Department of English

          Associate Professor  1996-2003

      The University of Nevada, Department of English

      Assistant Professor       1994-1996

      The University of Tulsa, Department of English

      Visiting Assistant Professor      1993-1994

AWARDS and honors

      Alan Bible Award for Excellence in Teaching,

          College of Liberal Arts, University of Nevada  2004  

      National Endowment for the Humanities Research Grant for

          The New Variorum Hamlet Project    2002-2004 

      Mousel-Feltner Award for Excellence in Research (runner-up),

          College of Arts and Science, University of Nevada   1999 

      National Endowment for the Humanities Research Grant for

          The New Variorum Hamlet Project    1997-1999 

      Junior Faculty Research Award, University of Nevada,

          ($10,000)  1995 

      Marc Perry Galler Prize for most distinguished dissertation

          Division of the Humanities, University of Chicago  1990


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Publications: REVIEWs (CONT.)



      Invited chair. Panel on “New Technologies and Renaissance Studies

      Renaissance Society, Cambridge, England       2005

      Discussant. Panel on “Working with Early Modern Electronic Texts”

      Renaissance Society of America      2005

      Conference organizer with Aaron Santesso. Comparative Excellence:

            Shakespeare and Dr. Johnson

      University of Nevada and Squaw Valley     2005

      “The Electronic Hamlet Database”

      Shakespeare Association of America, Bermuda    2005

      “Dating the Medieval Morality Play Everyman

      London Shakespeare Seminar       2005

      “Visions and Revisions: Shakespeare’s Multiple Versions of

            Henry VI

      Oregon Shakespeare Festival       2004

      “Methods of Dating Early Modern Texts”

      Stanford University        2004

      Invited co-chair with Bernice Kliman. Seminar on “Editing Now:

            Issues and Answers for the Twenty-First Century

      Shakespeare Association of America, New Orleans    2004

      “Shakespeare Teaches Teachers”

      Brooklyn Academy of Music and City College, New York   2003

      “’Tis most credible: Textual Fidelity in Print and Online”

      Pacific Renaissance Association, Nanaimo, B.C.    2003

      Session organizer. Panel on “Monitoring Electronic Shakespeare

      Shakespeare Association of America, Victoria, B.C.    2003

      Invited co-chair with Lars Engle. Workshop on “Teaching

            Non-Shakespearean Drama” 

      Shakespeare Association of America, Minneapolis    2002




papers and presentations (CONT.)

      “Cultural Hooligan or Harmless Drudge? The Place of the

            Shakespearean Editor”

      International Association of University Professors of English

      Bamberg, Germany        2001

      “The Mystery of the Undated Shakespeare Quartos”

      London Renaissance Seminar       2001

      The Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-upon-Avon    2001

      University of Tulsa        2001

      Invited chair. Seminar on “Editing Shakespeare’s Texts as

            National Scriptures

      International Shakespeare Association, Stratford-upon-Avon  2000

      “Dateless bargains: The Shelf-life of Undated Shakespearean Quartos”

      Columbia University        1999

      “Hamlet’s Inexplicable Dumb Show and the Future of Hypertext”

      Shakespeare Association of America, San Francisco    1999

      “Within the Book and Volume: The Place of the Stage in the

            New Variorum Hamlet

      International Shakespeare Association, Stratford-upon-Avon  1998

      Invited chair. Seminar on "Revisiting the New Bibliography

      Shakespeare Association of America, Washington D.C.   1997

      “Extant Printer’s Copy as Material Evidence”

      Shakespeare Association of America, Washington, D.C.   1997

      “Textual/Sexual Indeterminacy: Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus

            on page and stage”

      Grinnell College        1997

      “Boys will be girls will be boys in Shakespeare’s As You Like It

          Santa Rosa College   1997

      “A Hypertext Prototype for the New Variorum Hamlet

      World Shakespeare Congress, Los Angeles     1996

      “Middleton’s Early Pamphlets, Marlowe, and the Language of Sodomy”

      Shakespeare Association of America, Chicago    1995

      “Anonymity and the Erasure of Shakespeare’s First 18th-Century Editor”

      Shakespeare Association of America, Albuquerque    1994

      “Writing in the Margins: Theatrical Manuscripts and the B-text of

            Doctor Faustus

      Modern Language Association, Chicago     1990





      Shakespeare Quarterly

      Editorial Board        2006-Present 

      The Malone Society

      Editorial Council       2006-Present

      The Internet Shakespeare Project

      General Textual Editor      2001-Present

      Editorial Board        1995-Present

      The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Longman)

      Editorial Board : Textual Advisor     2004-Present

      A New History of Early English Drama (Columbia University Press)

      Editorial Board        1994-97

      Named “Book of the Year” for 1998 by the Association for Theater in Higher Education

      Medievalia et Humanistica: Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Culture

      Book Review Editor       1994-Present

      Occasional referee        

      Early Modern Literary Studies

      Guest Editor: special issue on ‘Electronic Shakespeare’  2004

      Occasional referee        

Reviewer and referee

      The Leverhulm Trust: Research Awards Advisory Committee

      Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK)

      Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Tenure review)

      Bedford/St Martins Press (Boston)

      University of Virginia Press

      Thomson Publishing (London)

      Modern Philology

      Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America


      AMS Press (New York) 

      Sixteenth-Century Journal




Volunteer teaching: UNR ElderCollege Program (seven-week courses on Shakespeare);

      Annual workshops for Washoe Country High School Teachers

university service, University of Nevada

      Organizer and Chair, UNR Renaissance Workshop

      Humanities Representative (elected), UNR Graduate Council

      Graduate Council Representative, Hydrological Sciences Program review

      Chair, Faculty Library Committee

      Chair, Western Traditions Search Committee

      Western Traditions steering Committee

      University Work/Family Task Force

      Redfield Campus advisory Committee

      Mousel-Feltner Research Award Committee

      Alan Bible Teaching Award Committee

      Senior Scholar Mentor

      Faculty sponsor, UNR Chess Club

Departmental service, UnR department of english

      Director of Graduate Studies (2002-2005)

      Chair, Graduate Committee

      Chair, Literature Committee

      Chair, Search Committee

      Chair, Teaching Evaluation ad hoc Committee

      Undergraduate Committee

      Personnel Committee

      Planning Committee

      Development Committee

      Departmental Library Representative

      Chair, PhD Committee: Jennifer Forsyth

      Chair, PhD Committee: David Golz

      Chair, PhD Committee: Daniel Anderson

      Chair, PhD Committee: Lara Hansen

      Chair, PhD Committee: Matthew Trey Jansen

      Chair, PhD Committee: Robert Lerner

      Chair, PhD Committee: Dee Anna Phares




Departmental service, UnR department of english (CONT.)

      Chair, M.A. Committee: Ronald Belbin

      Chair, M.A. Committee: Anthony Illia

      Chair, M.A. Committee: Richard Michaelson

      Chair, M.A. Committee: Lori Mortensen

      Chair, M.A. Committee: Dee Anna Phares-Matthews

      Chair, M.A. Committee: Deborah Shipp

      Chair, M.A. Committee: Ronald Supprenant

      Chair, M.A. Committee: Adam Whatley

Radio and television appearances


KNPR, discussing RSC Complete Works of Shakespeare, June 2007 

ABC Radio (Austrailia), discussing RSC Complete Works of Shakespeare, May 2007 

BBC Radio “NightWaves” program, on panel devoted to “Americans and Shakespeare”

      April 2007 

BBC Radio Wiltshire, discussing RSC Complete Works of Shakespeare

      April 2007 

CBS Television News (National), discussing newly-discovered portrait of Shakespeare

      April, 2006 

KUNR (local), interview, discussing Shakespeare’s punctuation.

      April, 2005 

“When Myth became Fact: The Discovery of Homer’s Troy”

      PBS series (local) on “The Western Tradition,” 1997