Jeffery A. Triggs


1999-present Global Language Resources. Madison, New Jersey, Web Consultant.

Developed Pittville History Works (, a growing, online database of census data about the inhabitants and houses of 19th century Cheltenham. The site is based on PHP and MySQL and includes complex on-the-fly graphing and mapping capabilities, scrolling elements, and a Google site search feature.

Created the Jamieson's Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language Online website (, an online interface for the famous historical dictionary of Scots with two volumes and two supplemental volumes in DjVu E-book format. The site includes full-text, KWIC concordance search engines.

Developed The Century Dictionary Online (, the first fully functional online interface for an entire dictionary in DjVu format. Converted and ran OCR on twelve volumes and 10,000 pages of scanned dictionary text, created the word lookup and full text search engines, designed the web interface including graphics. It is now the largest freely available dictionary on the World Wide Web.

Created DjVu Editions (, a growing, online collection of classic texts in DjVu E-book format. The texts are either scanned or converted from SGML to DjVu using LaTeX. The site includes a full-text, KWIC concordance search engine.

Designed and implemented complex website including an online full text corpus in SGML, an online dictionary, online text processing tools, and an innovative multi-engine web search agent. Wrote concordancing search engine for the online corpus and dictionary. Created Cold Fusion web portal for the Balanchine Foundation. Created web portal for the New Variorum Hamlet Project, including DjVu facsimiles of various early texts and playbooks ( Created the web interface for the Dictionary of the Scots Language, an XML combination of the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue and the Scottish National Dictionary, which was successfully launched on March 25, 2004 (

2002-2021 Rutgers University Libraries, SCC/CETH, Applications Developer

Managed and developed projects at the Scholarly Communications Center and the Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities. Led movement from proprietary NT/Access/Verity/Cold Fusion based projects to projects based on open source technologies, such as PHP, Perl, MySQL, Glimpse, and amberfish. Created interfaces for The Spectator project, the Caesar Concordance, a new e-book version of the African American Poetry Database, and and e-book version of the complete works of Aristotle. Created a federated search function combining Z39/50 searches of library catalogs with amberfish searches of XML repositories. Created new interface using PHP, Perl, and amberfish for Rutgers EAD collections ( Designed and implemented the underlying architecture for a new electronic journal platform. Involved in implementing Fedora, an XML-based digital library repository, at Rutgers, including an amberfish search interface and SOAP-based editing functions (,

1999-2001 AT&T Labs, Middletown/Florham Park, New Jersey. Web Developer.

Webmaster for the DjVu image compression software project of the Software Technology Services Group ( Used gtml, Perl, Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and the DjVu SDK, in addition to the standard HTML editing utilities to create dynamically generated web pages supporting the product. Worked at updating the DjVu digital library. Implemented a WAIS-based search engine for the site. Created a CGI-generated XML database of user and product information. Wrote the working proposal for developing an online e-commerce prototype.

Web developer for Intranet portal using Cold Fusion and Verity.

Webmaster for the AT&T Labs Research site, DjVu Zone (, a portal hosting the DjVu digital library as well as documentation and links to other DjVu sites. Used the 3.0 version of the DjVu SDK to recreate the digital library in the new OCR'ed format and wrote a new search engine for the digital library and the rest of the site. Created many new DjVu resources, including early Hamlet facsimiles, the entire Soul of Grammar by A.E Sonnenschein, and papers of Alexander Graham Bell.

Created the search engine for NIPS Online (, the collected proceedings of the Neural Information Processing Systems conferences from 1987 to 1999 represented 13,900 scanned pages in DjVu format.

Created the DjVu Zone Community Server, a public archive of OCR documents in DjVu format with database and search engine access. The site uses PHP, Perl, and mySQL to display dynamic content and allow users to edit database information through web browsers. Wrote a daemon to convert automatically uploaded files in various formats to DjVu, run an OCR process on them, and index them for searching. Created the any2djvu server (, a free online server for converting documents from various formats to DjVu.

Created a web interface for PlayMail (, an email service using streaming videos of animated talking heads to deliver messages. Worked on a web interface for e-cogent, a project using streaming videos of animated talking heads to read news stories.

1989-1999 Oxford University Press, Director of the North American Reading Program Oxford English Dictionary.

1994-1999 OUP Web Product Developer.

      Developed the Oxford English Dictionary Online dynamic prototype ( and OED North American Reading Program World Wide Web servers. Selected as one of the "Ten Best Sites of 1996" by Internet World, January 1997. Designed and created the unified interface, including the HTML front end, multimedia enhancements, graphics, and the CGI middleware (using Perl, Lex, C, Korn shell, JavaScript, and Java) to access, link, and present the OED, several other lexical and encyclopedic dictionaries, the 60 million word online library, the electronic card catalog of reading program quotations, and other large textbases using a variety of search engines, including Pat, Glimpse, and WAIS. Wrote customized search engines when such commercial search engines would not suffice. Designed and wrote a series of help pages for the OED Online, including automated guided tours. Designed and implemented a number of specialized textbase interfaces, including the Interlinear Bibles (4 parallel texts in English, Latin, and German), the Enfolded Hamlet, John Donne Online, The Romantic Poets, and a Web interface for the Brown Women Writers Project Corpus.

    1993-1999 OUP/Bellcore, Webmaster.

      Developed and managed a World Wide Web server at Bellcore (one of the first 400 in the world) bringing a wide variety of reference sources, including seven dictionaries, the AP News wire, Bellcore's electronic library catalogue, and a National Weather server, together in a unified multimedia interface for wide area distribution.

    1991-1999 OUP, Electronic Text Specialist.

      Converted the Dictionary of New Zealand English from Pagemaker to SGML. Converted the Dictionary of South African English from Word Perfect to SGML. Converted the Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang from Wordstar to SGML. Converted a wide variety of texts from various formats to SGML for use in the OED's Historical Corpus. Supervised the creation of a number of full texts in SGML format. Created the North American Reading Program DTD, which allows SGML texts to be displayed directly by Web browsers.

    1989-1999 OUP Manager/Lexicographer

      Developed, organized, and directed Oxford's first American and fully electronic reading program, collecting an electronic card catalog of over one million quotations used by the OED and other Oxford dictionary projects. Handled all organizational and financial details of the program. Managed a staff of twenty five people. Designed and wrote end-user technical manuals to assist in training readers and data entry personnel for the program. Configured and administered an Internet node and local area network based on a Sun Ultra Enterprise 2 server and linking UNIX, PC, and Macintosh platforms. Wrote programs in C, lex, Perl, awk, and shell to perform various functions such as corpus-searching, SGML-tagging, automatic error identification and correction. Wrote user-interface to the University of Waterloo Pat software for use by Oxford and Bellcore employees. Developed a C-based system of look-up programs for various dictionaries on line at Bellcore. Wrote a C-based interface for Internet access to electronic library catalogs. Developed and managed a relational database system to handle all financial aspects of the reading program. Developed a networked database to manage the OED's reference library. Working at Bellcore's AI research lab in Morristown, NJ, created an SGML-tagged corpus of over 60 million words. Developed and implemented customized software necessary to create and maintain the UNIX-based corpus drawing on sources in the UNIX, DOS, and Macintosh environments. Acted as a consultant on new American words for the OED and as a lexicographical and writing consultant for the AI group at Bellcore.


1988-89 Writing Consultant for Counterpoint, Bridgewater, New Jersey. Tutored clients at Exxon and AT&T in effective technical writing and oral communications with special emphasis on English as a second language.

1981-88 Instructor of English at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Taught various levels of composition from remedial to advanced; computer-aided instruction; Studies in Poetry; Studies in the Novel; Literary Experience; Contemporary Fiction; Folklore.

1988-88 Instructor of English at Montclair State College.

1978-87 Teaching Assistant and Instructor at Rutgers College, Livingston College, Douglass College. Taught various levels of composition; Shakespeare 319; Poems, Plays, and Fiction.

1980-81 Legal Writing Consultant for Maskeleris & Berowitz, Morristown, New Jersey. Tutored young legal associates in composition, with special emphasis on effective legal writing. Edited legal briefs.


1986 - Ph.D. English, Rutgers University - Dissertation: “The Well-Tempered Self: Structure and Autobiography in Victorian Sonnet Sequences”

1979 - M.A. English, Rutgers University

1977 - B.A. English, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Professional Memberships

Modern Language Association, Association for Computers and the Humanities


German reading at research level.


Awarded Bevier Fellowship for dissertation (1983-84)

Passed Masters Exam with Distinction (May 1978)

Graduated Summa Cum Laude, 4.0 Cumulative G.P.R.

Awarded Charles Angoff Scholarship (1976)