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Notes for lines 2951-end ed. Hardin A. Aasand
For explanation of sigla, such as jen, see the editions bib.
3378-9 shes of merriment, that were wont to | set the table on a roare, {not} <No> one 
1723- mtby2
3379 not] Thirlby (ms. notes in Pope, ed. 1723): “I had wrote in the margin f [probably] Not [and thus Q2].”
1854 del2
3379 on a roar] Delius(ed. 1854) : “der Hofnarr musste seine Possen manentlich bei der Tafel vorbringen, um die Gäste in ein schallendes Gelächter zu versetzen.” [the court fool must offer up his farce particularly at the table,for the sake of moving the guests to a peal of laughter.]
1860 mhal1
mhal1: Q1
3372-82 Halliwell (1860) marks the Q1CLN 2008-14 equivalent as “mutilated.”
1872 del4
del4 = del2
3379 on a roar]
3379 one] Delius (ed. 1872) : “one bezieht sich am bequemsten auf das vorhergehende gibes. Die Fol. hat no one.” [one refers conveniently to the previous gibes. The Fol. has no one.]
1872 cln1
3379 on a roar] Clark & Wright (ed. 1872): “We still say ‘to set on fire,’ and in Exodus, xix, 18, we find ‘on a smoke’ for ‘smoking.’”
1877 v1877
v1877 = cln1
3379 on a roar]
1885 macd
3379 not . . . roar] MacDonald (ed. 1885): “‘Not one jibe, not one flash of merriment now?’”
1890 irv2
irv2 ≈ cln1
3379 on a roar] Symons (in Irving & Marshall, ed. 1890): “The Clarendon Press edd. [cln1] compare the expression ‘to set on fire,’ and Exodus 19:18, where ‘on a smoke’ is used for smoking.”
1987 oxf4
3379-80 not . . . grinning] Hibbard (ed. 1987): “Is there no one now to mock your grinning ((as you used to mock those you had set grinning))? Compare ‘Make her laugh at that’ [3382].”
1993 dent
3378 wont] Andrews (ed. 1989): “accustomed.”
3378 3379