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Help Browsing Entries

The entries for are based on the materials of the New Variorum Hamlet, and are divided into three types: Commentary Notes (CN), Material Textual Notes (TNM), and Immaterial Textual Notes (TNI). These entries typically refer to one line of Hamlet and are based on the numbering scheme used by The Enfolded Hamlet. Thus it uses the Through Line Numbers (TLN) of Charlton Hinman's First Folio published by Norton Press, which are numbered straight through the play including stage directions rather than line numbers starting afresh at the beginning of scenes. In addition to Through Line Numbers, the entries use "+" numbers for Q2-only lines. There are as many as three entries referring to each line of the play.

The CN, TNM, and TNI files for each entry are stored in directories representing one hundred lines, e.g., Lines 2300 to 2399 or Lines 3200 to 3299. When users select one of these directories, they will be presented with a list of all the entries of various types in that range in a format like the following:
Back: Browsing MenuSize of Entry Type of Entry
File: Entry for Lines 3200-0227098 bytes Commentary Note 
File: Entry for Lines 3200-021864 bytes Material Textual Note 
File: Entry for Line 32036277 bytes Commentary Note 

Clicking any of the links at the left side following the quill icon brings up the text for that entry. The "Browsing Menu" link returns to the main browsing page with links for each hundred lines.

The files themselves have a three-part structure. At the top is a menu that allows users to continue browsing the next or previous entries of the selected type (CN, TNM, or TNI) or to switch to a different type of entry for the current line. Links that are not available for some reason are grayed out and show a red strike-through line when selected. The menu line for a typical CN article looks like the following:
Previous CNView CNView TNMView TNINext CN
Below the menu line is a box containing the lines of text in Enfolded Hamlet form, that is. with F! elements in purple and surrounded by angle brackets <>, Q2 only elements in green and surrounded by curly braces {}, and F1 line breaks indicated by a purple vertical bar |. Text common to both F1 and Q2 is reproduced normally. The TLNs of the Enfolded Hamlet lines are linked to a lookup of those lines in the Enfolded Hamlet with three lines of surrounding context. A typical box with lines in Enfolded Hamlet form looks as follows:

3212-3 Other. Will you ha the truth an't, if this had not | beene a gentlewo-
3213-4 man, she should haue been buried | out {a} <of> christian buriall.
Below the Enfolded Hamlet the body of the entry begins. For information about the symbols used in the entries see the Symbols Used help section.

An alternative means of browsing the entries is provided by the special version of the Enfolded Hamlet on this site, which now has its through line numbers's linked to the commentary notes for those lines. For information about using the Enfolded Hamlet see the Enfolded Hamlet help section.