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Line 3373-74 - Commentary Note (CN) More Information

Notes for lines 2951-end ed. Hardin A. Aasand
For explanation of sigla, such as jen, see the editions bib.
3373-4 iest, of most excellent fancie, hee | hath {bore} <borne> me on his backe a thou-5.1.185
1860 mhal1
mhal1: Q1
3372-82 Halliwell (1860) marks the Q1CLN 2008-14 equivalent as “mutilated.”
1868 c&mc
c&mc : see also n. 3347-52
3373-75 hee . . . times] Clarke & Clarke (ed. 1868): “This point again emphasises the age of Hamlet; he remembers well the jester, who has been buried ‘three and twenty years:’ and the relative dates show the prince to have been just seven years old when Yorick died.”
1980 pen2
3373 fancie] Spencer (ed. 1980): “imagination.”
3373-9 hee . . . grinning] Spencer (ed. 1980): “This passage is a wonderful glimpse of the privileged position of the jester in a great Elizabethan household.”
1993 dent
dentpen2 without attribution
3373 fancie] Andrews (ed. 1989): “invention ((imagination, wit)).”
3373 3374