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About Jamieson's Dictionary Online

This is a working prototype of Jamieson's Dictionary Online. There will soon be a real description of the dictionary on this page. For the time being users are able to view the dictionary by selecting a volume or using one of the full text search forms.

The text of Jamieson's Dictionary Online is available in two formats: DjVu and PDF. Both versions have embedded OCR text created using the Finereader OCR engine. DjVutm, a product of LizardTech, is an amazingly flexible image compression technology developed by researchers at AT&T Labs which allows very high quality page images to be compressed to a size suitable for delivery over the Internet. Because of its "indirect" format, users can begin viewing multipage DjVu volumes such as Jamieson's Dictionary Online without downloading all the pages at once. For more information about DjVu, visit the DjVu Zone website. Like PDF and Flash files, DjVu files require a viewer, which may be freely downloaded by clicking the icon at the left or the link above. Users may also choose to view DjVu documents with the Java applet we have provided. The full text of Jamieson's Dictionary Online may be searched with either of two search engines: Hunter or amberfish. For more information see the specific help page links above.