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Global Hamlet Essays
"What's Hamlet to Japan?"
        by Kaori Ashizu (HTML)

"Hamlet in Italy (1700-1945)"
        by Fernando Cioni (HTML)

"‘The Polish Prince’: Studies in Cultural Appropriation of Shakespeare's Hamlet in Poland"
        by Krystyna Kujawińska Courtney and Katarzyna Kwapisz Williams (HTML)

"Hamlet in China: Translation, Interpretation and Performance"
        by Ruru Li (HTML)

"Hamlet in Germany"
        by Roger Paulin (HTML)

" ‘Enter Ghost ...’ : The linguistic, theatrical and post-dramatic afterlife of Shakespeare's Hamlet in Flanders"
        by Christel Stalpaert, Bram Van Oostveldt, and Jaak Van Schoor (HTML)

"A survey of performance, translation, criticism, and some literary and cultural uses until 2006"
        by Jesús Tronch i Pérez (HTML)
(Note: this text is temporarily unavailable.)
"Hamlet in France"
        by Michèle Willems (HTML)

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