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Essays on Hamlet by Members of the hamletworks.org Editors and others by invitation.
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Belleforest's Book the Fifth of the Tragic Chronicles translated by Anne McConnell (HTML)
"The Date of Hamlet's Composition" by William Hutchings (HTML)
"DISCOVERY and PROVENANCE of HAMLET Q1" by Abraham Samuel Shiff (PDF)
"Hamlet on the Stage in England and the United States" by Robert Hapgood (HTML)
"Mimetic Hearing and Meta-Hearing in Hamlet" by Laury Magnus (PDF)
  We would like to thank the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group for permission to reproduce the chapter five from the book Who Hears in Shakespeare? Auditory Worlds on Stage and Screen.
"The Sources of Hamlet" by Hardin Aasand and F. Nicholas Clary (HTML)
"Visual Representations of Hamlet, 1709-1900" by Alan R. Young (HTML)
"What's Hecuba to Shakespeare?" by Tanya Pollard (PDF)
  We would like to thank the University of Chicago Press on behalf of the Renaissance Society of America for permission to reproduce this article from Renaissance Quarterly 65:4 (2012): 1060-93.
Historical Views
"The Play as a Whole" by Bernice W. Kliman (HTML)
"Fortinbras: Warrior, Survivor, Inheritor of Denmark" by Laury Magnus (PDF)
"Gertrude: Wife, Mother, Widow, Queen" by Bernice W. Kliman (HTML)
"The Ghost: lynchpin of the play" by Bernice W. Kliman (HTML)
"Hamlet. a Mirror for Critics" by Bernice W. Kliman (HTML)
"Horatio, There When Needed" by Bernice W. Kliman (HTML)
"The King without a Name" by Bernice W. Kliman (HTML)
"Laertes, Hamlet's Foil and Fratricidal Brother" by Laury Magnus (PDF)
"Make Us Laugh at That: Hamlet's Gravediggers" by Laury Magnus (PDF)
"Ophelia      in Her Three Guises" by Laury Magnus (PDF)
"Osric: Waterfly, Lapwing, Chough, and Claudius's Final Instrument" by Laury Magnus (PDF)
"Polonius" by Bernice W. Kliman (HTML)
"Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: Fortune's Privates" by Laury Magnus (PDF)
"The Sentinels" by Bernice W. Kliman (HTML)