OED Only Headword as Word Search for "tundish"

OED Only Headword as Word Search for "tundish"

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1 Headword as Word match for "tundish"

[RE] tun-dish, 	tundish ('tVndIS). [f. TUN sb. + DISH sb.] 	A wooden dish or shallow vessel with a tube at the bottom fitting into the bung-hole of a tun or cask, forming a kind of funnel used in brewing; hence gen. = FUNNEL sb.¹ 1 (now local). In mod. use, a broad, open container with one or more holes in the bottom, used in various industrial processes, e.g. to feed molten metal into an ingot mould so as to avoid splashing and give a smoother flow.
	1388­9 Abingdon Acc. (Camden) 57, iij scale, j tundys. 1573 in Rep. MSS. Ld. Middleton (1911) 437 Making..a forme and a tundishe for the buttrye. 1603 SHAKS. Meas. for M. III. ii. 182 For filling a bottle with a Tunne-dish. 1756 MATTHEWS in Phil. Trans. XLIX. 549 These pits..growing gradually narrower to a center, in shape of a funnel or tundish. 1795 SIR J. DALRYMPLE Let. to Admiralty 3 The froth, that is, the Yeast, is prevented by a tun-dish from running over. 1892 GREENER Breech-Loader 176 The shot must be poured in through a tundish, and preferably counted with the `Greener Shot Counter', or weighed to measure.1926 Jrnl. Iron & Steel Inst. CXIV. 74 This tun-dish is provided with one large hole or several smaller holes, dividing the stream of metal into several smaller streams. 1957 Technology Aug. 223/1 Plugged into the base of a fireclay tundish..fed with liquid metal from an electric furnace, is a vertical die of..graphite. 1965 Economist 25 Dec. 1437/2 In the new [spray steelmaking] process, the liquid iron flows from the bottom of a tundish (a container used to keep a constant head of metal). 1975 Petroleum Rev. XXIX. 118/1 The tank vent pipes have now been fitted with tundishes to collect condensate.

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