Introduction to the Modern Enfolded Hamlet

Jesús Tronch
(Universitat de València)

The Modern Enfolded Hamlet offers a critical and modern-spelling edition of the Second Quarto Hamlet that "enfolds" material variants in the First Folio (also modernized and critically edited). The "enfolding" principles and conventions are those explained by Bernice W. Kliman in her Introduction to The Enfolded Hamlet

The present edition has been prepared by Jesús Tronch (with the support of Plan Nacional I+D+I through the research project Artelope FFI 2009-12730, and CSD2009-00033) and supervised by Bernice W. Kliman.

How to read the Modern Enfolded Hamlet

  • Curly brackets ({ }) and green = readings unique to edited Q2
  • Pointed brackets (< >) and purple = readings unique to edited F1

  •       To unfold the edited Q2 version, read everything except text between pointed brackets.
          To unfold edited F1, read everything except the Q2-only text between curly brackets.

  • Slash (/) and monosapce typeface = readings that are optional or alternative
  • For instance, in 79 “ He smote the sledded pole-axe / Polacks on the ice”, both edited Q2 and edited F1 can be read with either “pole-axe” or “Polacks”.
    In 313 “this too too {sallied/sullied} <solid> flesh”, readers can opt for reading “sallied” or “sullied” when unfolding edited Q2.

  • Letter T next to the Through Line Number  on the left = signal to a significant emendation or modernization in both edited Q2 and edited F1 (for details, see the Material Notes, which can be accessed by clicking the TLN link on the left; see also the Textual Notes at the end of this Introduction)

  • Square brackets ( [ ] ) = editorial additions

  • Editorial procedures

    This edition is envisaged as a complement to the Hamlet Works database so that readers can access and search an enfolded text of Hamlet in the form they usually find in most critical editions: in modern spelling and punctuation, free of inadequate and improbable readings, and with a number of stage directions and speech prefixes regularized and supplemented.

    Editorial interventions follow a conservative approach to emending the text and to supplementing stage directions in Q2 and F1. Readings in the early texts are emended whenever they fail to offer a reasonable or probable meaning in their immediate context. Readers are alerted to emendations in the dialog by means of the letter T next to the TLN on the left. Editorial additions in stage directions, enclosed in square brackets, seek to clarify the action when a role that takes part in a scene is not included, exits without an explicit direction, speaks exclusively to another character or speaks to himself in an aside, or performs some stage business that is difficult for a reader to infer from the dialog itself.

    Spelling and punctuation is modernized by basically following the principles proposed by Stanley Wells in Modernizing Shakespeare's Spelling (Clarendon Press, 1979, pp. 3-36) and Re-Editing Shakespeare for the Modern Reader (Clarendon Press, 1984, pp. 5-31). However, this edition prints "-ed" endings as such when they are sounded (rather than as "-èd"), and silently expands elisions within words in the early texts (e.g. "medicine" from Q2's "medcine" 3795 rather than "med'cin"). In a few points where Wells suggests avoiding antique spellings (e.g. "porpentine" vs. "porcupine"), this edition the unfamilar form alongside the more current form as an optional reading (see TLN 709).
    Proper names such as “Gertrard”, “Rosencraus”, “Guyldenstern”, “Ostricke”, “Valtemand”, and “Elsonoure” are regularized to “Gertrard”, “Rosencrantz”, “Guildenstern”, “Osric”, “Voltemand” and “Elsinore” respectively.
    As for lineation, this edition does not follow the tradition, initiated by v1793, of indenting short lines to complete a larger regular line, usually a pentameter.

    Textual notes for the Modern Enfolded Hamlet

    The following textual notes record verbal departures in the critical and modern-spelling enfolded Hamlet (hereafter modEH) from both Q2, its copy-text, including the so called optional readings that follow a slash and are printed in a monospace font. These notes do no record modEH deviations from either Q2 or F1 in modernization of spelling and punctuation (unless they are noteworthy) and typographical matters such as turned letters that result in non-words. Some readings from Q1 and Q3 are also recorded when they are significant for editorial decision.

    The standard textual note has the following structure:

    56 harrows] F1; horrowes Q2; horrors Q1

    TLN lemma] siglum; variant siglum

    The Through Line Number (TLN) of Charlton Hinman's First Folio facsimile published by Norton is also keyed to both the Enfolded Hamlet and modEH. The lemma replicates the modEH reading in question, and is followed by a closing square bracket. The siglum indicates the source of the previous reading. Variants (and their sigla) are separated by semi-colons.

    Sigla are keyed to the list at "Bibliography of Editions" in Hamlet Works at

    Commas after sigla are used to separate variants or sigla of editions when differences involve modernization issues or inessential details.

    Editorial comments always follow the siglum or sigla. Original readings included in these comments are enclosed by quotation marks.

    Parentheses following sigla include editorial comments, such as “(conj. Collier)”

    Changes in lineation are recorded by including the first word of the lines involved separated by a vertical stroke “|”, as in the next example,

    664] F1; It . . . | Goe Q2

    This notes explains that F1 as one line what Q2 prints as two verse lines beginning with “It” and “Goe.” Rearrangement of lineation may also be indicated in editorial comments (e.g. “as prose”, “one line”).

    Abbreviations and symbols used:

    “conj.” as in “conj. Collier” indicates that an emendation was first conjectured by a scholar but not adopted

    “om.” indicates that the lemma is not in the edition

    “SD” indicates “stage direction”

    “SP” indicates “speech prefix”

    “subst.” indicates that the edition cited differs in wording from the lemma but not in an essential way.

    Vertical stroke “|” indicates the point of line division

    1 1.1] Actus Primus. Scoena Prima F1; Q2 om.

    2 SD] Q2 F1; Enter two Centinels Q1; Enter Barnardo and Francisco, two sentinels, [meeting] evns1

    25 Exit Francisco] F1; Q2 opposite line 24

    56 harrows] F1; horrowes Q2; horrors Q1

    66 SD] Q2 opposite line 65, Q1 opposite equivlanet of line 63, Exit the Ghost F1 at 66

    79 pole-axe] rowe1, pollax Q2 Q1, Pollax F1. Polacks] mal

    111 design] desseigne Q2, designe F1. designed] F2

    124+4 feared] par&c (conj. Collier)

    127 It ... arms.] Q2 opposite 127-8; F1 Q1 om.

    135 The cock crows] Q2 opposite 135-6; F1 Q1 om.

    140 Exit Ghost] sis, F1 opposite line 141; Q2 om.; Q1 opposite equivalent of 139

    172 duty?] F1; duty. Q2

    173 Let's] Q2 Q1; Let F1

    175 1.2] Scena Secunda F1

    178 with others] ard2, Cum Alijs Q2

    178 including Cornelius and Voltemand] rowe1 subst.; Q2 om.; and the two Ambassadors, with Attendants Q1

    179 SP] Claud. Q2, King. F1

    213 Voltemand] F1; Valtemand Q2

    221 SD] Exit Voltemand and Cornelius F1

    263 shapes] Q3; chapes Q2

    264 denote] F1; deuote Q2

    312 Flourish] Q2 opposite 311; F1 Q1 om.

    312 Exeunt all but] Q2; Manet F1

    313 sallied] Q2 Q1; sailled vand. sullied] cam3 (conj. MacDonald)

    316 self-slaughter] F1; seale slaughter Q2

    317 weary] F1; wary Q2

    321 merely. That] F1; meerely that Q2

    325 beteem] Q2; beteene F1

    346-7 I . . . myself] F1; Q2 one line

    355 To Barnardo] wh1

    366 to see] F1 Q1; to Q2

    400 Where (as] Where as Q1 Q5, Where, as Q8; Whereas Q2 F1

    420, 422, 424 SP] ard3Q2 ard3F1; All. Q2 Q1, Both. F1

    427 he,] ard2; he Q2

    437 SP] Both. Q2, All. F1

    442 tonight] to Night F1; to nigh Q2

    443 warrant] F1, warn't Q2

    454 SP] ard3Q2; All. Q2 F1

    455 SD] Exeunt. Manet Hamlet Q6 opposite 454-5; Exeunt Q2 F1 Q1 opposite 454

    460 1.3] Scena Tertia F1

    464 convey] Q6, conuay Q2

    464 is] F1; in Q2

    472 so.] Q2 F1. so?] rowe1

    479 will] Q2; feare F1

    484 sanity] han (conj. Theobald 1726)

    541 loan] F3, lone F1; loue Q2

    548 you.] you, F1; you Q2

    564 you? . . . truth.] Q5; you . . . truth, Q2; you, . . . truth? F1

    575 Running] col2; tendring Q1

    591 tether] F1; tider Q2

    595 imploratators] oxf2; imploratotors Q2. implorators] F1 Q3

    586 bawds] pope2 (conj. Theoblad 1726)

    597 beguile] F1; beguide Q2

    603 1.4] cap

    604 shrewdly] F1, shroudly Q2; shrewd Q1

    610 SD] Q2 opposite 610-1; F1 om.; Sound trumpets Q1 opposite 607

    621+20 eale] Q2. ev'l] evns1; evil ktly (conj. Keightley 1855); e’il kit1 (conj. Wetherell 1869)

    613 swaggering] F1, swaggring Q2

    641 the] Q2 Q1; thee; F1

    643 Ghost] F1; Q2 om.

    659 summit] rowe1, somnet Q2; Sonnet F1

    660 beetle] F1; bettles Q2; beckles Q1

    664] F1; It . . . | Goe Q2

    674 SD] Exit Q2 opposite line 673

    675 imagination] F1 Q1; imagion Q2

    681 1.5] cap

    730 wits] Q2 F1. wit] pope1

    730 with] Q2; hath F1

    732 seduce! -- won] seduce; won Q2; seduce? Won F1

    732 to] Q2 Q1; to to F1

    741 lust] Q1 Q1; but Q2

    741 angel] Angell F1, Angle Q2, angle Q1

    749 leperous] leaperous F1, leaprous Q2

    762 unaneled] pope1, vnnaneld F1; vnanueld Q2

    776 Exit] F1 Q1; Q2 om.

    797 SP] Hora. Q2, Hor. & Mar. within F1

    813 SP Horatio, Marcellus] cap

    838 SP Horatio, Marcellus] cap

    845 Ghost ... stage] Q2 after 844; F1 opposite 845, Q1 after 845

    847 on] Q2; one F1

    852, 858, 878 SD Under the stage] cap subst.

    873 they] Q2; there F1

    874 out) to note] v1793 subst. (conj. mal); out, to note) Q2; out to note, F1

    888 2.1] Q6 rowe1, Actus Secundus F1

    889 Reynaldo] evns1

    934 you,] Q2; you F1

    955 carp] Q2; Cape F1

    1010 feared] Q2; feare F1

    1018 2.2] Scena Secunda F1

    1019 SD Rosencrantz] mal throughout; Rosencraus Q2 throughout; Rosincrane F1; Rossencraft Q1 throughout

    1020 Guildenstern] Q6; Guyldensterne Q2; Guildensterne F1; Gilderstone Q1 throughout

    1020 with others] Cum alijs F1; Q2 Q1 om.; Lords and other Attendants rowe1; and other Courtiers ard3Q2

    1021 Rosencrantz] mal; Rosencraus Q2 throughout; Rosincrance F1 throughout; Rossencraft Q1

    1062 Exeunt] Q2; Exit F1 opposite 1061

    1062 and Guildenstern] Q2; F1 om.

    1062 and ... Attendants] and ... Courtiers ard3Q2 ard3F1; with some Attendants cap, and an Attendant ard2

    1077 Polonius ... door] this edn.  Exit Polonius] rowe1

    1082 Voltemand and Cornelius] Voltumand, and Cornelius F1; Q2 om.

    1084 Voltemand] Q2; Voltumand F1; Voltemar Q1

    1111 Exeunt] Q2 opposite 'home'; Exit F1 opposite 'home'

    1111 Voltemand and Cornelius] cap; and Attendants alex; and Courtiers ard3Q2 ard3F1

    1132 thus.] F1; thus Q2

    1136 Reads the] Reads Q6; The F1

    1144 Reads the letter] rowe1 subst.; Letter  Q2 after 'fire'; F1 Q1 om.

    1144 letter] Letter Q2 opposite 1144

    1154 solicitings] Q2; soliciting F1

    1160 think,] Q2; think? F1

    1169 my young mistress] Q2; (my yong Mistris) F1

    1172 his] F1; her Q2

    1177 watch] F1 Q3; wath Q2

    1178 to a] F1; to Q2

    1207-8 Exeunt ... Queen] Exit King & Queen F1 after 'presently'; Exit King and Queene Q2 opposite 1206

    1207-8 and perhaps Attendants] this edn; and Attendants mal; and Train cap

    1219 carrion - ] F1; carrion. Q2

    1225 Aside] cap

    1233 read] Q2; mean F1

    1237 lack] Q2; lock F1

    1243 Aside] john1

    1248 Aside] cap

    1265 SD] cap; Q2 opposite 1260; F1 after 1264; Q1 after 1257

    1266 To Polonius] mal

    1266 Exit Polonius] cap; exit Q1 opposite 1264

    1269 excellent] F1; extent Q2

    1313 SP Rosencrantz, Guildenstern] cap

    1317 Elsinore] Elsonoure Q2, Elsonower F1

    1326 kind of] Q2; kind F1

    1341 discovery, and] Q2; discovery of F1

    1342 Queen moult] Q2; queene: moult F1

    1344 heavily] Q2; heauenly F1

    1372 blank] F1; black Q2

    1380 innovation.] Q2; Innouation ? F1

    1389 berattle] F3; be-ratled F1

    1396 most like] pope1; like most F1; like, most, cap; like-most Corson; like most will cam3a (conj. anon.)

    1420 lest my] F1; let me Q2

    1421 yours.] yours? Q2

    1447 individable] jen, Indeuidible Q2; indiuible F1

    1449 light for . . . liberty:] Q2; light, for . . . Liberty. F1

    1454-5] cap subst.; Q2 as prose; Why one ...  | The F1

    1464 pious] Q2; Pons F1

    1475 falconers] F1 Q1; Fankners Q2, Faukners Q3

    1515 Then sensless Illium] F1; Q2 om.

    1520 reverend] F1, reuerent Q2

    1535 fellies] F4, Fallies F1; follies Q2

    1564 Aside] cap

    1585 till] F1; tell Q2

    1588 SD] Q1; Manet Hamlet F1

    1594 wanned] wand, Q2; warm'd F1

    1596 an'] evns1; an Q2

    1597 conceit?] F1; conceit; Q2

    1604 appal] appale Q2; apale F1

    1623 Whoa!] Who? F1

    1627-9 And … play] john1; And . . . / About … / That Q2-5; And . . . / A Scullion … / I F1-4; And . . . / A scullion! / Fie … / That cap; And . . . / Fie … / That ktly

    1646 3.1] Q6

    1648 And] F1; An Q2; An' evns1

    1673-6] pope1; With . . . | And it ... | To . . . | Good . . . | And driue Q2; With . . . | To heare . . . | Giue . . . on | To F1

    1677 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern] Q2; F1 om.

    1677 and Lords] ard3Q2 ard3F1

    1693 Exit Queen] theo1

    1699 sugar] Q2; surge F1

    1708 SD] cap; Q2 om.; Exeunt F1

    1739 sicklied] F1; sickled Q2

    1758 honest?] F1; honest. Q2

    1764-5] F1; Could . . . | Then Q2

    1773 inoculate] F1; euocutat Q2

    1776 thee to] F1; thee Q2

    1781 in, imagination] Q2; in imagination, F1

    1787-8] F1 as prose; Let . . . | That . . . | Farewell Q2

    1811 And I] Q2; Haue I F1

    1835 Enter Ophelia] elze1

    1848 3.2] cap

    1867 o'erstep] Q2; ore-stop F1

    1880 nor no man] oxf4

    1893 Exeunt Players] Q1, Exit Players. F1; Q2 om.

    1898 Exit Polonius] F1; Q2 Q1 om.

    1900 SP] Ros. Q2, Both. F1

    1907 SP] F1; Q2 in catchword

    1911 tongue lick] Q2; tongue, like F1

    1913 feigning] Q2; faining? F1

    1942 Rosencrantz] Rosincrance F1; Q2 om.

    1943 Guildenstern] Guildensterne F1; Q2 om.

    1949-54] F1; Excellent . . . | Of . . . | Promiscram'd . . . | King. I . . . | These . . . | Ham. . . . | You Q2

    1953 To Polonius] rowe1

    1960-1] F1 as prose; It . . . | Be Q2

    1964 metal] mettle Q2, Mettle F1

    1963 SP QUEEN] F1

    1995 come] Q2; comes F1 Q3

    2002 Exeunt Players] Exeunt F1; Q2 om.

    2008 Enter Prologue] Q2 opposite 'fellow'

    2008-9] F1; We . . . | The Q2

    2017 Prologue] Q2; F1 om.

    2019 Exit] glo

    2020 posy] posie Q2; Poesie F1 Q1

    2023 two Players as] pope1 subst.

    2024 SP PLAYER KING] v1778

    2025 orbed] F1; orb'd the Q2

    2030 SP PLAYER QUEEN] v1778 (after rowe1)

    2033 former] Q2; forme F1

    2038 love] F1; Lord Q2

    2043 kind] Q2; kinde. F1

    2054 you think] Q2; you. Think F1

    2064 either] Q2; other F1

    2085+2 An] theo1

    2095 He sleeps] Sleepes F1; Q2 om.

    2905 freeing ... within] kept back by a guard vand; fantastically drest with Straws and Flowers rowe1; col1 after 2906

    2095 SP BAPTISTA] Qu. F1

    2096 Exit] F1; Exeunt Q2; exit Lady Q1

    2110 unwrung] Q3, unwrong Q2; unrung F1

    2111 Enter Lucianus.] F1; Q2 after 2112

    2114-5] F1; I could . . . | If Q2

    2120 mis-take] cap; mistake Q2 F1; must take Q1

    2141 SP LORDS] ard3F1; All. F1

    2142 SD] Q2 opposite 2141; Manet Hamlet & Horatio. F1

    2146-7] F1; Thus . . . fea- | thers Q2

    2152 ay] rann (conj. Malone)

    2154-5] Q2; This . . . | And F1

    2179-80] F1; Good . . . | And Q2

    2229 thumb] cam3a; the vmber Q2

    2244 Enter Polonius] cap; Q2 F1 after 2243

    2254 SP HAMLET ] F1 Q1, Q2 in catchword

    2257 Exit] F1; Q2 om.

    2258 Exeunt all but Hamlet] rid1, rowe1 subst.

    2270 Exit] Q2 Q1; F1 om.

    2271 3.3] cap

    2292 huge] F1; hough Q2

    2295 ruin] Ruine F1; raine Q2

    2296 but with] F1; but Q2

    2300 Gentlemen] warb; Gent. Q2 F1

    2300 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern] han

    2300 SP] Ros. Q2; Both. F1

    2311 Exit Polonius] cap; Exit Q2 opposite 2310; F1 om.

    2326 pardoned] F1; pardon Q1

    2346 Kneels?] he kneeles Q1 after equivalent to 2348; Q2 F1 om.

    2351 Draws his sword] ard2, cap subst.

    2352 revenged] F1; reuendge Q2

    2363 hent:] hent Q2 F1

    2374 3.4] cap

    2374 Queen] F1; Q2 om.

    2382 SP+ QUEEN] F1; Q2 om. until 2421 inclusive

    2383 Polonius hides behind the arras] rowe1 subst.

    2384 Enter Hamlet] F1; Q2 after 2380

    2400 inmost] F1; most Q2

    2403 Behind the arras] rowe1

    2404 Kills Polonius] F1 opposite 2405; Q2 om.

    2405 Behind] cap

    2412 Discovers Polonius] rsc, dyce1 subst.

    2443 heaven-kissing] F1; heaue, a kissing Q2

    2461 ardor] ardure Q2, Ardure F1

    2464 SP+ QUEEN] F1; Q2 om. until 2611 inclusive

    2499 the incorporal] th'incorporal Q2; their corporall F1

    2519 Ghost] Q2 Q1; F1 om.

    2521 This . . . in] pope1; Q2 F1 one line

    2526 And I] F1; And Q2

    2536 these] Q2; this F1

    2544+5 Refrain tonight] Q5 (after F1); to refraine night Q2

    2546+2 shame] hud1; Q2 om.; lodge ard2

    2562 ravel] rauell F1, rouell Q2

    2577] F1; Alack . . . | Tis Q2

    2577+6 and't] Q6; an't Q2

    2585 Hamlet tugging in Polonius] F1; Q2 om.; Hamlet with the dead body Q1

    2586 4.1] Q6

    2590+2 Exeunt Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.] cap, Q6 subst.

    2617 vile] Q2, vilde F1

    2619 SD] Enter Ros. & Guild. Q2 opposite 2618, F1 after 'excuse.' 2619

    2623 mother's closet] Q2; Mother Clossets F1

    2625 SD] rowe1 subst., Exit Gent. F1, Exeunt Lordes Q1; Q2 om.

    2628 So envious slander] ard2; Q2 om.; so, haply, slander,– cap

    2630 4.2] pope1

    2630 SD] F1; Enter Hamlet, Rosencraus and others Q2

    2631 Calling within] ard2

    2634 SD] Enter Ros. and Guildensterne F1; Rosencraus and others Q2 after 'Hamlet' at 2630

    2647 like an ape an apple] par&c (conj. Farmer); like an apple Q2; as an Ape doth nuttes Q1; like an ape doth nuts sing1

    2661 4.3] pope1

    2672 Guildenstern] cam3a

    2681 guarded] cam3a subst.

    2681 SD] They enter Q2 opposite 2680

    2689 service: two] Q2; seruice to F1; seruices, two Q1

    2690 table-] table, Q2; table F1

    2691 SP KING] F1; King. King. Q2

    2700 Exeunt Soldiers] cap subst.

    2722 Exeunt all but the King] Q1 after equivalent to 2717

    2734 4.4] pope1

    2734 including a Captain] glo subst.

    2743 Exeunt] Q1; Exit F1; Q2 om.

    2743 all but Captain] kit1; all Q1

    2743+1 Guildenstern] dyce1

    2743+23 Exit.] cap

    2743+25 Exeunt all but the Hamlet.] rowe1 subst.

    244 4.5] pope1 subst.; 4.3 rowe1 subst.; 4.1 yal2

    2759-61] Q2; 'Twere . . . | For ...  | In ill F1

    2761 Horatio goes to the door.] rsc subst.

    2761 Exit Gentleman.] han

    2769 Sings] shee sings Q2 opposite 2768; F1 prints song in italics

    2773 Sings] Song Q2 opposite 2773

    2778 Sings] F1 in italics; Q2 in roman

    2780 Sings] Song Q2 opposite 2781

    2790 Sings] Song Q2 opposite 2790

    2792-3] Q1; Then . . . | Let Q2 F1

    2800-1] F1; Q2 one line

    2808-10 Good . . . good . . . good . . .  good] F1; God . . . god . . . god . . . god Q2

    2810 Exit] F1, exit Ofelia Q1; Q2 om.

    2812 Exit Horatio] theo1

    2829 Wherein] Q2; Where in F1

    2849 Exit Messenger] ard2 after 'Followers' in 2857; ard3F1 opposite 2848

    2851 Followers] pen2 subst.; others Q2

    2853 King? - Sirs, stand] Q2; King, sirs? Stand F1

    2854, 2856 Followers] Foll. v1773; his followers pen2

    2854, 2856 within] offstage ard3F1

    2857 Exeunt Followers.] kit1 subst.

    2890 is't] Q2; if F1

    2904 Let ... in!] Let ... in. F1 in italics after 'within' at 2904

    2910 Till] F1; Tell Q2

    2917 Sings.] Song. Q2 opposite 2917

    2923-25] F1 as prose; You . . . | And . . . | It Q2

    2928 pansies] Q2; Paconcies F1

    2938 Sings.] F1 in italics, Q2 in roman

    2941 Sings.] Song. Q2 opposite 2941

    2943] john1; Q2 F1 one line

    2947] Q1 subst., john1; Q2 F1 one line

    2948-9] F1; Q2 one line in roman

    2950 Exit.] Exeunt Ophelia F1, exit Ofelia Q1; Q2 om.; Exeunt Ophelia and Gertrude oxf2

    2951 you see] F1; you Q2

    2966 rite] F1; right Q2

    2972 4.6] cap; 4.2 yal2

    2972 Gentleman] pen2 subst.

    2974 Attendant.] alex; Ser. F1

    2975 Gentleman goes to the door.] this edn; Exit Ser. han1

    2975 Exit Attendant.] han1 subst.

    2977 greeted-- if ] greeted. If Q2-4

    2985-6] F1; Q2 one line

    2985 Horatio.] Q2; F1 om.

    2985 Reads the letter.] F1; Q2 om.

    2997 bore] F1; bord Q2

    3001 thine,] F1; thine Q2

    3003 Come] F1; Hor. Come Q2

    3003 will give] F1; will Q2; will make Q3

    3005 Exeunt] Q2; Exit F1

    3006 4.7] cap; 4.3 ard3F1

    3022 conjunct] oxf2

    3030 loved, armed,] jen; loued Arm'd Q2

    3035 was] F1. has,] john1

    3052-3] F1; Q2 one line

    3053 Exit Messenger.] F1; Q2 om.

    3054 Reads.] cap

    3059 What] F1; King. What Q2

    3067 diest thou] cam3 (1964 reprint, conj. Marshall); he dies Q1

    3072 checking] F1; the King Q2

    3085 my] F1; me Q2

    3114 in deed your] mal; indeede your Q2. son in deed] F4; sonne indeed F1

    3131 for that] F1; for Q2

    3142 shape. If ... fail] rowe1; shape if ... fayle, Q2; shape, if ... faile; F1

    3148 ha't] F1; hate Q2

    3153 How ... Queen?] F1 after 'there.'

    3153 How,] F1; how now Q1 F2

    3173 their] Q2 Q1; her F1

    3174 lay] Q2; buy F1; by F2

    3189 5.1] Q6

    3190 SP+ ] rowe1; Clowne. Q2 Q1, Clo. F1

    3192 SP+ ] rowe1; Other. Q2 F1; 2. Q1

    3198 so offendendo] oxf4; so offended Q2

    3200-1 to act] Q2; an act F1

    3201 argal] F1, Ergo Q1; or all Q2

    3250 Exit 2 Clown] rowe1 subst.

    3251 Sings] F1; Song Q2 opposite 3252

    3261 daintier] F1; dintier Q2

    3262 Sings] Clowne sings F1 centered; Song Q2 opposite 3263

    3262 SP 1 CLOWN] Clow. Q2 beginning of 3263, Clowne sings. F1 as centered SD

    3266 Throws up a skull] cap, He throwes up a shouel Q1 opposite equivalent to 3265

    3279 mazard] F1; massene Q2

    3284 Sings] Clowne sings F1 centered; Song Q2 opposite 3285

    3284 SP 1 CLOWN] Clow. Q2 beginning of 3285, Clowne sings. F1 as centered SD

    3288 Throws up another skull] cap

    3290 of] Q2; of of F1

    3310-1] F1; Q2 one line

    3311 Sings] cap, F1 in italics as song; Q2 om.

    3351 sexton] Sexten Q2; sixeteene F1

    3391 Why,] ard2

    3405 a Doctor] cam3a subst.

    3405 a Priest after] with a Priest after Q1

    3406 with Lords Attendant] F1; Q2 om.; and other Lordes Q1 after 'Leartes,' at 3405

    3406 and Gentlemen] and other Lordes Q1 after 'Leartes,' at 3405, F1 om.; and a Gentleman ard3F1

    3411 Hamlet and Horatio stand aside.] cap subst.

    3435 sweet. Farewell] sweet, farewell Q2 Q1; sweet farewell. F1

    3439 woes] v1877 (conj. Walker); woer F1; wooer F2

    3444 Leaps in the grave] F1; Q2 om.

    3449 SP] SP Discovering himself pope1

    3451 Conjures] Q2 Q1; Coniure F1

    3453 Dane. ] Q2 F1; Hamlet leapes | in after Leartes Q1 opposite equivalent to 3447-51

    3454 Leaps out and grapples with him] ard3Q2 ard3F1; Grapples with him rowe1 subst. after 'soul'

    3455-6 Thou . . . throat] F1 Q1; Q2 one line with turnouver

    3462 Lords] ard3Q2 subst.

    3462 SP Gentlemen / Gentleman] Gentleman ard3F1; Gent. F1

    3462 Attendants part them] rowe1 subst.; cap places 'The Attendants part them' after 'Gentlemen!' at 3461+1

    3472,3 Woul't] ard3Q2; Woo't Q2 F1, similarly with lowercase 'woo't'

    3483 thus] F1; this Q2

    3491 SD] Exit Hamlet Q2

    3492 Exit Horatio] pope1; and Horatio Q2; F1 om.

    3493 To Laertes] rowe1

    3493 your] Q2; you F1

    3498 Till] Tell Q2

    3499 5.2] rowe1

    3504 Methought] me thought F1; my thought Q2

    3505 bilboes] F1; bilbo Q2

    3530 villains] Q2 F1. villainies] cap

    3545 'as'es] As's rowe1; Assis F1

    3555 Subscribed] F1; Subcribe Q2

    3557 cement] sement F1

    3561 defeat] Q2; debate F1

    3577-9] han; short, | The ... more | Then F1

    3586 Osric] Osricke F1; Q2 om.

    3587 SP+ OSRIC] Osr. F1; Q2 om. throughout until 3726

    3588] F1; I . . . | Doost Q2

    3593 say] Q2; saw F1

    3603 sultry] F1; sully Q2

    3605 sultry] soultry F1, soultery Q2, swoltery Q1

    3610+1 gentleman] Q3; gentlemen Q2

    3610+3 sellingly] Q2(u). Feelingly] Q3; fellingly Q2(c)

    3610+7 dozy] kit1, dosie Q2(u); dazzie Q2(c); dazzy dent; dazzle ard3Q2. dizzy] dizzie Q3

    3610+8 yaw] Q2(u). raw] Q2(c)

    3610+18 do't] Q2(c). to't] Q2(u)

    3612+3 his] Q5; this Q2

    3616 king, sir] Q2; sir King F1

    3623 carriages] F1; carriage Q2

    3626 might be] F1; be might Q2(c); be Q2(u)

    3632 on't] oxf2; one F1

    3646 Exit.] Q1 F2; cap after 'yours' at 3647

    3647 Yours. Does] Fanego subst.; Yours doo's Q2; Yours. 'A does evns1 (conj. pr&c)

    3652 many] Q2; mine F1; nine F2

    3657+3 Osric] F1; Ostricke Q2

    3657+13 Exit Lord.] theo1

    3665 gaingiving] F1; gamgiuing Q2

    3671 will] F1; well Q2

    3671 come.] come, Q2, come; F1

    3671 all,] Q2 F1; all: rowe1; all. pope1

    3672 betimes. Let] syn, betimes, let Q2; betimes . . . let ktly

    3674 Osric] theo1 subst.

    3674 Laertes] and Laertes Q2 on a separate line before 3677

    3675 foils and daggers] Q2 after 'state' at 3674

    3677 Puts Laertes' hands into Hamlet's] john1 subst. after han

    3679-82] rowe1; But . . . | And . . . | With Q2; But . . . | This . . . | And . . . | With F1

    3702 precedent] Q7 john1. president] Q2 F1

    3703 To keep] F1; To Q2

    3706-7] F1; I . . . | franckly Q2

    3715 Osric] F1; Ostricke Q2

    3726 SP+ Osric] F1; Ostr. Q2 subst. throughout until 3839

    3738 SD] Trumpets | the while Q2 opposite 3739-40

    3742 They play.] F1; Q2 om.; Heere they play: Q1 opposite 3744

    3751 Drum ... Flourish, a piece goes off] ... shot | Florish... Q2 opposite 3746 and 3747

    3753 They play again.] Q1 cap

    3763 Aside] rowe1

    3774 They play.] Play. F1; Q2 Q1 om.

    3777 In scuffling they change rapiers.] F1; Q2 om.; They catch one anothers Rapiers, and both are wounded, | Leartes falles downe, the Queene falles downe and dies. Q1

    3784 Osric] F1; Ostrick Q2

    3790 Dies.] rowe1 subst.

    3792 Exeunt Osric and some Lords.] Exit Osric ard2

    3795 medicine] Medicine F1, medcine Q2

    3797 thy] F1; my Q2

    3804 Hurts the King.] F1; Q2 Q1 om.

    3805 SP LORDS] ard3Q2 ard3F1 (as only element in SP).

    3810 King dies.] F1, The king dies. Q1

    3811-2] F1; Q2 one line

    3815 Dies.] F1, Leartes dies. Q1

    3836 and shot within] v1773; and shout within F1; Q2 Q1 om.

    3836 SD A ... off] A march a | farre off Q2 opposite 3834 and 3835

    3837 What ... this?] Q2 at 3835 after 'story'

    3847 Dies.] F1, Ham. dies. Q1; Q2 om.

    3852 and Attendants] F1, with his traine Q1; Q2 om.

    3874 th' yet] F1; yet Q2

    3900 rite] right Q2