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[The Persons Represented.
Claudius, King of Denmark, Mr. Crosby.
Hamlet, Son to the former King, Mr. Betterton.
Horatio, Hamlet’s friend, Mr. Smith.
Marcellus, an Officer, Mr. Lee.
Polonius, Lord Chamberlain, Mr. Noake.
Laertes, Son to Polonius. Mr. Young.
Rosincraus, ) Mr. Norris.
Guildenstern, ) two Courtiers, Mr. Cademan.
Cum aliis..
Fortinbrass, King of Norway, Mr. Percival.
Ostrick, a fantastical Courtier Mr. Fenan.
Barnardo, ) two Centinels, Mr. Rathband.
Francisco, ) Mr. Floyd.
Ghost of Hamlets Father. Mr. Medburn
Two Grave-makers. Mr. Undril.
Mr. Williams.
Gertrard, Queen of Denmark. Mrs. Shadwel.
Ophelia, in love with Hamlet. Mrs. Betterton.]
Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q10 as above. Q6 does not include the following; the ed. named is the first to add them:
* Captaine. 2735. From Capell (ed. 1768).
* Gentleman 2744. From Dyce (ed. 1857)
* Messenger 2834, 3045. From Rowe (ed. 1709)
* others 2972. From Rowe (ed. 1709)
* Saylers 4.6 (2977) From Rowe (ed. 1709)
* Embassador Capell (ed. 1768); Ambassador(s) Steevens (ed. 1778)
* Courtiers 3407. Capell (ed. 1768)
* Q2 Doctor Wilson (ed. 1934), or F1 Priest 3415. Capell (ed. 1768)
* F1 SD Lords 178, Q2/F1 SD 1647, F1 SD 1943, F1 SD 3406, F1 SD 3674, Q2 SD 3657+1 Capell (ed. 1768)
* English Embassadors] 3852. Dyce (ed. 1857)
* Ladies, Rowe (ed. 1709). Listed by many editors; though the script has no entrance for ladies, many performances add them.
* Servant to Horatio Capell (ed. 1768)
Thompson and Taylor. (2004, p. 111): ". . . Doubling as a practice dates back to medieval and Tudor drama, when itinerant acting companies were very small. . . . "
Thompson and Taylor. (2004, p. 112): " . . . For most of his career [Shakespeare] was writing for a stable company of around ten men and three or four boys."
Thompson and Taylor. (2004, p. 119): "What emerges from the exercise [they describe] is that, even though Q1 has twenty-five speaking roles, Q2 thirty-one, and F thirty, all three texts could, at a pinch, be acted by a company made up of eight adults and three boys. This is McMillan’s conclusion in his 1992 essay [in the Clayton book], and it is ours too."
* Scene Place of action often indicated below Persons Represented: see below.
0 scene Elsinoor rowe1, rowe2, tjoh1, rowe3, wilk1, tjoh2, wilk2, pope1, pope2, theo1, han2, warb, gar1, john1, john2, jen, gent; Scene, Elsinour cap, v1773; Scene, Elsineur. v1778, ays1, v1785, rann; Scene, Elsinore. mal, v1793, v1803, v1813, cald1, v1821, sing1, cald2, knt1, col1, col2, del2, hud1, sing2, dyce1, col3, stau, wh1, ktly, hal, tsch, v1877, oxf1, hud3, kit1, cln2; Scene: Denmark glo, cam1, rug1, cln1, del4, rug2, cam2, ard1, ev1, p&c, crg1, rid1, rid2, alex, sis, evns1; sceneElsinore; except in the fourth scene of the fifth[sic] act, where it is in a plain in Denmark dyce2; Scene; Elsinore, Denmark. wh2, nlsn; sceneElsinore; except in the fourth scene of the fourth act, where it is a plain in Denmark irv2; Scene. Elsinore: the Court and its environs ard2; none del2, stau; scene: Denmark bev2
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