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Line 3204-05 - Commentary Note (CN) More Information

Notes for lines 2951-end ed. Hardin A. Aasand
For explanation of sigla, such as jen, see the editions bib.
3204-5 Clowne. Giue mee leaue, here lyes the water, good, | here stands the 
1856 hud1 (1851-6)
hud1 : see n. 3211
1856 Hudson (1856 ed., p. 347) prints here the note from Knt1 in TLN 3211 that presents the judge’s series of questions. He signs it with his initial H.
1858 Lloyd
3204-09 Lloyd (1858, sig. [R3v ]): <sig. [R3v ]> “Many who have seen the frequent willows drooping into the Avon about Stratford, will have had the thought that Ophelia, falling with the envious sliver, and floating awhile among her scattering flowers, is a picture of some misadventured maiden in the poet’s native town; there is even something particular in the sneer at ‘crowner’s quest law,’ that may intimate an opinion of a stupid verdict in such cases that had untender consequences centuries later; however, as in so many other cases the blundering attempt of a clown to express a distinction that is a falsity,—the discrimination here between voluntary and involuntary suicide,—provides the verity with terse and strict expression.
[cites 3204-09]
1859 stau
stau : see n. 3211
3209] Staunton (1859 ed., p. 404) borrows Hawkins’ notes on HALE and GREY from presumably MALONE’s edition and/or v1778 . No attribution is given. As I look at KNIGHT and HUDSON, these could be likely candidates as well. See TLN 3211 for the notes.
1974 evns1
evns1 ≈ standard
3204-09 see n. 3211
3204 3205