Concordance Lines from the Hamlet Works Online Library containing edmund kean
    Matches from: Bernice W. Kliman, Hamlet Film, Television, and Audio Performance :
  1. Open Page liet), 199 Kael, Pauline, 36 Kean, Edmund: as Hamlet, 243 Kelly, F[ran Expand Context
    Matches from: Alan R. Young, Visual Representations of Hamlet, 1709-1900 :
  2. Open Page hose depicted being Henry Johnson, Edmund Kean, [keanlge.jpg] Edmund K Expand Context
  3. Open Page ohnson, Edmund Kean, [keanlge.jpg] Edmund Kean Barry Sullivan, Charles Expand Context
  4. Open Page he examples of John Philip Kemble, Edmund Kean, Henry Irving, Ellen Te Expand Context
  5. Open Page immigrants. Among the former were Edmund Kean, Charles Kean, Ellen Tr Expand Context
  6. Open Page swords pointed to the ground (e.g. Edmund Kean, Charles Kemble, Joseph Expand Context
  7. Open Page went back to at least as early as Edmund Kean and William Charles Mac Expand Context
  8. Open Page thought to have been introduced by Edmund Kean much earlier in the cen Expand Context
    Matches from: Hamlet Studies :
  9. Open Page role." He mentions he studied how Edmund Kean, Kemble, Beerbohm Tree, Expand Context
  10. Open Page enth-century England (from Cockney Edmund Kean to naff Sir Herbert Bee Expand Context
  11. Open Page 's Hamlet was downright insane and Edmund Kean's erratic if exciting. Expand Context
  12. Open Page 00), 87-88. The King is billed as " Edmund Kean, the elder, of the Roya Expand Context
  13. Open Page y Charles Kemble, J.P. Kemble, and Edmund Kean. There is no denying th Expand Context
  14. Open Page venworth, ed., "William Hazlitt on Edmund Kean as Hamlet," !r!reting Expand Context
    Matches from: Furness's Variorum Edition (Volume II) - Hamlet Appendix :
  15. Open Page TS PAGt Karpf ........ 336 Kean, Edmund ...... 25 I Kemble, John Phi Expand Context
  16. Open Page s, -'., New York, x863, p. 49.)-- Edmund Kean, as Hamlet, after concl Expand Context
    Matches from: B. A. P. Van Dam, The Text of Shakespeare's Hamlet :
  17. Open Page ew, on p. 368: ...... we have seen Edmund Kean, in acting this scene [ Expand Context
    Matches from: Travers Edition - Hamlet :
  18. Open Page not ask ne.!s it the KingP When Edmund Kean(1787- 1833)---to see an Expand Context