Hamlet Concordances
Search the Four Text Hamlet Concordance
You can use the form above to search the Four Text Hamlet Concordance.
  • Select one or more texts to search using the checkboxes, all of which are checked by default.
  • Search strings are case insensitive - "dagger" is equivalent to "Dagger".
  • Search strings may include certain regular expressions. For instance, "perse.er" or "perse[u,v]er" will find "perseuer" or "persever", "mur[d,t]h?er" will find words beginning "murder" or "murther".
  • Adding "\b" to the end of a string adds a word boundary to the search. Thus "dagger" will find "dagger" or "daggers", but "dagger\b" will only find "dagger" as a word. "q[a-z]*n\b" will find all words beginning with "q" and ending in "n".
  • OR searches may be made using the "|" nested in parentheses - e.g.: "(king|queen)" will find all strings beginning with "king" or "queen", "(god|hea[u,v]en)" will find all strings beginning with "god" or with "heaven" or "heauen".
  • The quoted search term (marked by a bold red font) in the heading for any given concordance search is linked to a Global Language search of that term in all the plays of the Verplanck edition of Shakespeare's works.
  • These searches may be expanded to concordance searches of the texts of The Chief Elizabethan Dramatists.