The Illustrated Shakespeare Online

October 2002

Jeffery A. Triggs, Project Manager

The Illustrated Shakespeare Online is a collaborative project of Global Language Resources, the New Variorum Hamlet Project, and Princeton Imaging.

The text of The Illustrated Shakespeare has been generously donated by Shirley Samberg and Bernice W. Kliman, coordinator and editor of the New Variorum Hamlet. Eric Luhrs provided the beautiful Shakespeare Rare Print Collection.

Scanning services were provided by Tom and Gary Johnson of Princeton Imaging, who have also donated the long article on Shakespeare from their electronic version of the renowned 1911 edition of Encyclopædia Britannica.

Global Language Resources has provided such additional texts as The Chief Elizabethan Dramatists, Spenser's Poetical Works, and excerpts from The Century Cyclopedia, as well as web site development.