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(100) Century Dictionary, Vol. V, p. 4194, over to over (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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..istake the heavens are o'er our heads.  Shak., Rich. II., iii. 3. 16.  The Kalif..
..et Somerset be regent o'er the French.  Shak., 2 Hen. VI., i. 3. 209.  He hath n..
.. and all at once,  Over the wretched ?  Shak., As you Like it, iii. 5.37.  Angel..
.. may go over shoes in the grime of it.  Shak., C. of E., iii. 2. 106.  Madame de..
.. go along o'er the wide world with me.  Shak., As you Like it, i. 3. 134.  They ..
..n a Barbary cock-  pigeon over his hen. Shak., As you Like it, iv. 1. 151.  I do..
..r.  Come o'er the bourn, Bessy, to me.  Shak., Lear, iii. 6. 27 (song).  Certain..
..rowing his mantle rudely o'er his arm.  Shak., Lucrece, 1. 170.  7. During the c..
..ssip's bowl;  For here we need it not.  Shak., R. and J., iii. 5. 175.  Men that..
..erality,  I'll mend it with a largess.  Shak., T. of the S., i. 2. 149.  Over co..
.. tapestry  There is a purse of ducats.  Shak., C. of E., iv. 1. 104.  She passed..
..t blow on ye  And blister you all o'er! Shak., Tempest, i. 2. 323.  The vaulty t..
..gured quite o'er with burning meteors.  Shak., K. John, v. 2. 53.  over  Sable c..
..le curls all silver'd o'er with white.  Shak., Sonnets, xii.  Down the long beam..
..  Why she dares not come over to thee.  Shak.. Lear, iii. 6. 30 (song).  But I'm..
..My Lord Biron, see him deliver'd o'er.  Shak., L. L. L., i. 1. 307.  This questi..
..s you can find sport in their intents.  Shak., M. N. D., v. 1. 77.  I since then..
.. And something over to remember me by.  Shak., Hen. VIII., iv. 2. 151.  11. In o..
..my death than repeat over to my shame.  Shak., Much Ado, v. 1. 248.  The thought..
.. pay the petty debt twenty times over.  Shak., M. of V., iii. 2. 309.  She weeps..

(98) Century Dictionary, Vol. V, p. 4087, of to of (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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.. shall come within a mile of my court.  Shak., L. L. L., i. 1. 120.  'Twas withi..
.. Valance of Venice gold in needlework.  Shak., T. of the S., ii. 1. 356.  When I..
..e.  You savour too much of your youth.  Shak., Hen. V., i. 2. 250.  Why do you s..
..nd not be seen to wink of all the day.  Shak., L. L. L., i. 1. 43.  I ventur'd t..
.. of this foolish-compounded clay, man.  Shak., 2 Hen. IV., i. 2. 8.  The voices ..
..kinds of arguments and questions deep.  Shak., Lover's Complaint, 1. 120.  Fores..

(88) Century Dictionary, Vol. I, p. 672, breast-line to breathe (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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..shall drink to Hamlet's better breath.  Shak., Hamlet, v. 2.  I lose my colour, ..
..ive me some little breath, some pause.  Shak., Rich. III., iv. 2.  8. A gentle e..
..estion sake,  An after-dinner's breath. Shak., T. and C., ii. 3.  9. A respirato..
..reath hast kill'd  Mine innocent child? Shak., Much Ado, v. 1.  I will stand,  L..
..am, a breath, a froth of fleeting joy.  Shak., Lucrece, 1. 212.  A breath can ma..
..o live.  When he breathed he was a man. Shak., L. L. L., v. 2.  Where, in the va..
.. say, Come, and Go,  And breathe twice. Shak., Tempest, iv. 1.  3. To take breat..
.. Breathe awhile, and then to 't again.  Shak., 1 Hen. IV., ii. 4.  Well, let thi..
.. blow: as, "when winds  breathe sweet," Shak., LoveFs Compl., 1. 103.  Oh, breat..
..o: as, "to  breathe life into a stone," Shak., Ali's Well, ii. 1.  And the Lord ..
..r men to breathe themselves upon  thee. Shak., All's Well, ii. 3.  rll send for ..
.. 1.  Thus breathes she forth her spite. Shak., Lucrece, 1. 762.  That breathe a ..

(77) Century Dictionary, Vol. II, p. 1456, daringly to darkle (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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..k meaning, mouse, of this light word ?  Shak., L. L. L., v. 2.  Wise philosopher..
.. dark respecting the office of thelarge Shak., A. and C., i. 4.  viscus called t..
..ans, Physiol.,  156. Even by your own. Shak., Cor., iv. 7.  proportion they are..
..k to bed.  And cancelI'd nature's best. Shak., As you Like it, iii. 5.  Tenyson..
.. a dark house and a whip as madmen do.  Shak., As you Like it, iii. 2.  pret. an..

(75) Century Dictionary, Vol. V, p. 4208, overthwart to overturn (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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..an yours in past, must o ertolo yours.  Shak., T. and C., iii. 3. 164.  A distan..
..ce and who  To trash for over-toloping. Shak., Tempest, i. 2. 81.  overtilt (6-v..
..id Thisbe fearfully o'ertrilo the dew.  Shak., M. of V., v. 1. 7.  overtrowt, v...
..gment tried it,  Without more overture. Shak., W. T., it. 1. 172.  Then Heracleo..
.. Nay, I assure you, a peace concluded.  Shak., All's Well, iv. 3. 46.  I believe..
..d broils root out the work of masonry.  Shak., sonnets, Iv.  2. To subvert; ruin..
..pour of our valour will o'erturn them.  Shak., Hen. V., iv. 2. 24.  =Syn. Overtu..

(70) Century Dictionary, Vol. VII, p. 6042, sudamina to sue (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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.. Never was such a sudden scholar made.  Shak., Hen. V., i. 1. 32.  These pious f..
..smacking of every sin  That has a name. Shak., Macbeth, iv. 3. 59.  How, child o..
.. with old Sir Rowland's youngest son ?  Shak., As you Like it, i. 3. 27.  UDon a..
..e.  I am denied to sue my livery here.  Shak., Rich. II., it. 3. 129.  ..

(68) Century Dictionary, Vol. VIII, p. 6648, unsteadfastly to unsupportably (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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..without steadiness. an ustringed viol. Shak., Rich. II., i. 3. 162.  Unsteadily..
..; not yielding.  !Ynstooping firmness. 'Shak., Rich. II., i. 1. 121.  tillstop (..
..s, unstriated muscular fiber.  crowded. Shak., R. and J., ii. 3. 37.  ; unsubdua..
..ial; not solid: as, unsubstantial air.  Shak., Lear, iv. 1.7.--2. Not real; not ..
..nour . . . pure  As the unsullied lily. Shak., L. L. L., v. 2. 352.  (b) Not dis..
.., fig-  uratively, not cheered; gloomy. Shak., Cym-  beline, ii. 5.13.  tinsunny..

(66) Century Dictionary, Vol. III, p. 2542, gloiocarp to gloomy (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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..sun for sorrow will not shew his head.  Shak., It. and J., v. 3.  gloomish (glS'..

(66) Century Dictionary, Vol. VII, p. 5642, sin to sincerity (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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..tempter or the tempted, who sins most?  Shak., M. for M., it. 2. 163.  That he s..
..man  More sinn'd against than sinning.  Shak., Lear, iii. 2. 60.  I think I have..
.., a ghostly confessor,  A sin.absolver. Shak., R. and J., iii. 3. 50.  Sinate (s..
..e hostess' door,  Teach us some fence ! Shak., K. John, it. 1. 288.  I hear Butl..
..u know since Pentecost the sum is due.  Shak., C. of E., iv. 1. 1.  My last was ..
.. in such apickle since I saw you last.  Shak. Tempest, v. 1. 282.  Now we began..
.. affections,  Step forth mine advocate. Shak., W. T., v. 1. 219.  3. As a sequel..
..love sincere, his thoughts immaculate.  Shak., T. G. of V., it. 7. 76.  The inst..
..followed both with body and with mind.  Shak., 2 Hen. IV., i. 1. 202.  This Coun..

(62) Century Dictionary, Vol. III, p. 2254, flapdoodle to flash (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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..ks off candles' ends for flap-dragons.  Shak., 2 Hen. IV., it. 4.  1ap-draqons ..
..-to see how the sea flap-  dragoned it. Shak., W. T., iii. 3.  flap-eared (flap'..
.. . . beetle-headed, flap-ear'd knave !  Shak., T. of the S., iv. 1.  flapjack (f..
.. and  nmreo'er puddings and flap-jacks. Shak., Pericles, it. 1.  Untill at last,..
..inst the welkin volleys out his voice.  Shak., Venus and Adonis, 1. 920.  flappe..
..bbons pendant, flaring 'bout her head.  Shak., M. ;gr. of W., iv. 6.  Like.flari..
..ed gull,  Which flashes now a phoenix.  Shak., T. of A., it. 1.  There the lake ..
..me or other,  That sets us all at odds. Shak., Lear, i. 3.  For while he linger'..
..forth fire, as lightning from the sky.  Shak., Venus and Adonis, 1. 348.  The ch..
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