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(100) Century Dictionary Supplement, Vol. XI, p. 670, jina to joggle (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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..girl.  Now can I make any Joan a lady.  Shak., K. John, i. 1. 184.  job s n.--A ..

(100) Century Dictionary Supplement, Vol. XI, p. 17, advance to aerage (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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.. slow; "with foreheads villainous low," Shak.,  Tempest, iv. 1. 274. Some adverb..

(86) Century Cyclopedia, Vol. IX, p. 378, fairfax to falke (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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..ood Engraving" and Halliwell's "Life of Shak-  spere," and published "Costume in..
..Fairies, The. An operatic adaptation of Shak-  spere's "Midsummer NighUs Dream,"..
..inimum, importance.  painter.  Furhess, Shak. Var.,Pref., p.x. Falconer (f&k'nr..

(61) Century Dictionary, Vol. VI, p. 4690, prejudice to prelection (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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..d desire the king were made a prelate.  Shak., Hen. V., i. 1. 40.  prelatet (pre..

(57) Century Dictionary, Vol. VIII, p. 6606, unethes to unfaithful (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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..evel, smooth, or plain; rough;  rugged. Shak., H. l. D., iii. 2. 417. (b)Notstr..
..17. (b)Notstraightordi-  rect; crooked. Shak., It. and J., iv. 1. 5. (c) lot un..
... Difficult; perplexing;  embarrassing. Shak., i Hen. iV., i. 1. 50.--  Uneven p..
..nexecuted your own renowned knowledge.  Shak., A. and C., iii. 7. 45.  unexempt ..
..ou return une7erienced to thy grave.  Shak., T. of the S., iv. 1. 86.  Young a..
..un-eksp'ri-ent), a. Inexperi-  enced. Shak., Lover s Complaint, 1. 318.  unexp..
..expressible; unutterable; in-  effable. Shak., As you Like it, ifi. 2. 10.  unex..
..v.t. To deprive of fairness or  beauty. Shak., Sonnets, v. [Rare.]  unfairly (un..

(55) Century Dictionary, Vol. V, p. 4180, out to out (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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..th spar-  rows  And be a boy right out. Shak., Tempest, iv. 1. 101.  Speake out,..
.. Out of my love to you, I came hither.  Shak., As you Like it, i. 1. 137.  I . ...
... 2.  I learnt it out of women's faces. Shak., W. T., ii. 1. 12.  (b) Forth from..
..e been  buried out o' Christian burial. Shak., Hamlet, v. 1. 28.  Oh antiquity !..
.. Now, out of doubt, Antipholus is mad.  Shak., C. of E., iv. 3. 83.  Cons ! he's..
.. Still a-repairing, ever out q! frame.  Shak., L. L. L., iii. 1. 193.  Out of :g..
.. your gates the very defender of  them. Shak., Cor., v. 2. 41.  In and out  The ..
..enians both within and out that wall !  Shak., T. of A., iv. 1. 38.  3t. Beyond;..
..ride of kingly sway fro mt my heart.  Shak., Rich. II., iv. 1. 206.  Like that..
..dle words, servants to shallow fools !  Shak., Lucrece, 1. 1016.  Ca/. I would k..

(51) Century Dictionary, Vol. VIII, p. 6613, unhang to unheeding (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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.. me thy boy to unhang my rapier. jured. Shak., R. and J., i. 1.217.  B. Jonson, ..
..ot three good men unhanged in England.  Shak., 1 Hen. IV., it. 4. 144.  unhapf (..
..is bateless edge on his keen appetite.  Shak., Lucrece, 1. 8.  Unhappily deceive..
..sad.  Ay me, unhappy !  To be a queen ! Shak., 2 Hen. VI., iii. 2. 70.  Unhappy ..
..py was the clock  That struck the hour. Shak., Cymbeline, v. 5. 153.  My dreams ..
..ne made himself  much sport out of him. Shak., Ali's Well, iv. 5. 66.  Ay, and b..
..ppy{ (un-hap'i), v.t. To make unhappy.  Shak., Rich. II., iii. 1.10.  unharbor, ..
..ot disclosed.  Some unhatched practice. Shak., Othello, iii. 4. 141.  unhatched2..
.. rapier and on car-  pet consideration. Shak., T. N., iii. 4. -57.  Tender and ..
..hum at good Cominius much unhearts me.  Shak., Cor., v. L 49.  unheaven (un-hev'..
..trong preyailment in unharden'd youth.  Shak., M. N. D., i. 1. 85.  unhardy (un-..
..ble  Chaucer, Physician's Tale, 1. 115. Shak., T. G. of V., it. 6. 11.  unhea12t..

(50) Century Dictionary, Vol. I, p. 534, bessemer converter to bestorm (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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..rst, he is little better than a beast.  Shak., M. of V., i. 2.  What she wills t..
.. in town.  Old fashions please me best. Shak., T. of the S., iii. 1.  Tell whom ..
..., iii. 1.  Tell whom thou lovest best. Shak., T. of the S., it. 1.  I relish be..
..myself, and what re-  mains is bestial. Shak., Othello, it. 3.  Bestial automato..
..ar,  Stand dumb, and speak not to him.  Shak., Itamlet, i. 2.  This is the readi..
...  You have ... bestirred your valour,  Shak., Lear, it. 2.  Come on, clowns, fo..

(50) Century Dictionary, Vol. V, p. 4194, over to over (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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..istake the heavens are o'er our heads.  Shak., Rich. II., iii. 3. 16.  The Kalif..
..et Somerset be regent o'er the French.  Shak., 2 Hen. VI., i. 3. 209.  He hath n..
.. and all at once,  Over the wretched ?  Shak., As you Like it, iii. 5.37.  Angel..
.. may go over shoes in the grime of it.  Shak., C. of E., iii. 2. 106.  Madame de..
.. go along o'er the wide world with me.  Shak., As you Like it, i. 3. 134.  They ..
..n a Barbary cock-  pigeon over his hen. Shak., As you Like it, iv. 1. 151.  I do..
..r.  Come o'er the bourn, Bessy, to me.  Shak., Lear, iii. 6. 27 (song).  Certain..
..rowing his mantle rudely o'er his arm.  Shak., Lucrece, 1. 170.  7. During the c..
..ssip's bowl;  For here we need it not.  Shak., R. and J., iii. 5. 175.  Men that..
..erality,  I'll mend it with a largess.  Shak., T. of the S., i. 2. 149.  Over co..
.. tapestry  There is a purse of ducats.  Shak., C. of E., iv. 1. 104.  She passed..
..t blow on ye  And blister you all o'er! Shak., Tempest, i. 2. 323.  The vaulty t..
..gured quite o'er with burning meteors.  Shak., K. John, v. 2. 53.  over  Sable c..
..le curls all silver'd o'er with white.  Shak., Sonnets, xii.  Down the long beam..
..  Why she dares not come over to thee.  Shak.. Lear, iii. 6. 30 (song).  But I'm..
..My Lord Biron, see him deliver'd o'er.  Shak., L. L. L., i. 1. 307.  This questi..
..s you can find sport in their intents.  Shak., M. N. D., v. 1. 77.  I since then..
.. And something over to remember me by.  Shak., Hen. VIII., iv. 2. 151.  11. In o..
..my death than repeat over to my shame.  Shak., Much Ado, v. 1. 248.  The thought..
.. pay the petty debt twenty times over.  Shak., M. of V., iii. 2. 309.  She weeps..

(50) Century Dictionary, Vol. V, p. 4179, out to out (DjVu), (JPEG), (JPEG Popup)
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..That cannot tread the way out readily.  Shak., Lucrece, 1. 1152.  They gnash the..
..is fair throne to heave the owner out.  Shak., Lucrece, I. 413.  [The book of tt..
..l them all with one poor tired tongue.  Shak., Lucrece, 1. 1616.  Then lies him ..
..ion and main power, took  'em front me. Shak., Hen. VIII., ii. 2. 5.  Two stern-..
..Windsor Castle, elves, within and out.  Shak., M. W. of W., v. 5. 60.  Did you s..
..ses and who wins; who's in, who's out.  Shak., Lear, v. 3. 15.  (d) Not in place..
.. fear, sir, my shoulder-  blade is out. Shak., W. T., iv. 3. 77.  (e) Not in pre..
..?...  Pro. That they are out by lease.  Shak., T. G. of V., v. 2. 29.  Those lan..
..bow-hand ! i' faith, your hand is out.  Shak., L. L. L., iv. 1. 135.  (h) Not in..
.. beseech you, sir, be not out with me.  Shak., J. C., i. 1. 19.  7. Beyond fixed..
..g.  If you be out, sir, I can mend you. Shak., J. C., i. l. 19.  It is a fervour..
..rs, when they are out, they will spit.  Shak., As you Like it, iv. 1. 76.  Do I ..
..er; at an end.  Our hour  Is fully out. Shak., A. and C., iv. 9. 33.  He was ner..
..e will drink water; not a drop  before. Shak., Tempest, iii. 2. 1.  When thy goo..
..are other men  fitter to go out than I. Shak., 2 Hen. IV., iii. 2. 126.  I saw t..
..t nine years, and away he shall again.  Shak., Lear, i. 1. 33.  16. To others; t..
.. the wreckful siege of battering days?  Shak., Sonnets, lxv.  I cannot be heard ..
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